Three reasons why you choose us

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Dani Dios

Dani Dios merits:
  • Former Professional player in Padel Pro Tour
  • Director of Padel Trainer, resident in Marbella (Spain)
  • Captain of the national Swedish team
  • Coach of Mari Carmen Villalba (n.18 in the world)

Emmie Ekdahl

Emmie Ekdahls merits:
  • Two European Championships 2017 & 2019, one World Championship 2018 and debuted on the World Padel Tour 2019. Won my first championship medal at the European Championships 2019
  • Backhand player
  • Has a tennis background, played from 6 years to 19 years
  • Trained physiotherapist, diet and nutrition consultant, paddle trainer and fitness trainer

Luis Mediero

Luis Mediero merits:
  • Founder & CEO RPP
  • Founder and President ICI
  • Founder and CEO Corporate Athlete
  • Head of coaching courses for sports coaches in +80 countries

Why us?

  • 30 years of experience
  • 35 000 Qualified trainers in 122 countries
  • Over 100 000 sporting coaches trained
  • 5000 High level executives trained as corporate athletes
  • Over 750 000 have taken part in our educational

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