CCC Level 1

Go the best trainer education with Dani Dios!

In October 4 – 6 November, 2020 Dani Dios holds an RPPadel training in Sweden. The place is Padel Crew, Malmö. After completing training you become an international Padel Coach and are part of the network of over 5,500 coaches in 40 countries.

The RPP education system has been completely renovated with a new educational patent: tetafime, which consists of four pillars: tea / technical, ta / tactical, fi / physical and me / mental, which have been linked, intertwined and interconnected so that each individual can reach their ideal competitive state.

The course is called CCC Level 1 and stands for Competetive Coaching Course. It is designed to teach the basic technique of paddle. Dani Dios shares his educational teaching techniques for those who want to work as a coach for beginners, amateurs and then move on to coaching advanced, and competition players. You will learn how to pedagogically teach all the basics and what exercises you can do to teach in the most effective way. The course is also suitable for those who want to improve your paddle technique and learn more about how to understand the strategy game paddle “from a Spanish original perspective”.

Useful information:
– Pasta lunch is included every day.
– Fruit included.
– Water is included.
– Energy drinks included.
– Feel free to bring your own snacks, as the days can be long and demanding.
– Always make sure you have your name tag on you – it facilitates communication.
– Be sure to inform before class what you have for jersey size.
– Video from the course is available. Consult Dani Dios on how to access it.

Dani Dios

– Former professional player in the Padel Pro Tour
– Director of Padel Trainer, resident in Marbella (Spain)
– Former captain of the Swedish panel team
– Trainer for Mari Carmen Villalba (top player on the World Padel Tour)

Course information


Booking location: 200 €
First day of course: 650 €

The fee includes:
• Complete course material
• Registro certification
•Profesional de Padel and European
• Registry of Padel Professionals
• Pasta Lunch every day
• Fruit
• Water
• Energy Drink
• Name Tag

Course description:
The course is held in English, and age limit for the course is 18 years.

For any questions, please contact:
Patrik Bengtsson on: 0735 302627