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Luis Mediero


Luis Mediero (b. April 15, 1963) started playing tennis when he was only six years old, and quickly became very highly ranked, eventually reaching the top 100 in the national Spanish rankings.

He has 8 international master's degrees and more than 150 qualifications. This has made him a respected name in the industry.

In 1989, he established the RPT - Registry of Tennis Professionals with the aim of offering educational programs, international certification and integrated services to teaching centers around the world. Now, at the age of 29, RPT has achieved world-leading status with more than 22,500 accredited trainers in 122 countries.

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Dani Dios

Dani Dios is the director of Padel Trainer, and lives both in Sweden and in Marbella (Spain). He is the former national team captain for the Swedish national paddle team in Sweden. In addition, he has coached Mari Carmen Villalba (n.18 in the world).

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Emmie Ekdahl

Since I started with paddle in 2017, I have had time to win a World Cup in Paraguay, two European Championships in Portugal, a World Padel Tour in Spain and at the European Championships in Portugal in 2019, it became Sweden's first championship medal. New goals are now set as to become the best in Sweden but also to constantly ensure that they develop in every training and match and become an even smarter and strategic player.

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Patrik Bengtsson

CEO Padel Education

Business developer and entrepreneur. Patrik started his first business in the early 1990s. From starting his first grocery store, the journey went on to the gym business, where he ran a gym chain with over 30 gyms. In addition, he has had time to work in e-commerce, to land in the padel industry.

We provide the best tools for training and developing the skills of people in Padel.